Nutrient Advantage Accreditation

The Nutrient Advantage Accreditation course consists of 2 key modules;

Agronomy in Practice conducted by Nigel Bodinnar – Training and Quality Manager (30 years Agronomy experience) 
Nigel Bodinnar - Agronomy Systems & Training Quality Manager
and another of Incitec Pivots’ experienced Agronomy Staff (depending on market segment).

Courses are tailored to cropping, pasture, summer crop and cotton, sugar cane or horticulture. In regions that cover multiple markets, courses are combined to cater for customer needs ie cropping and pasture.

Nutrient Advantage Advice software training

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ FERTCARE Accredited nutrition decision support system specifically designed to assist customers and advisors in making accredited fertilser recommendations for farmers.

As the name suggest, this  program focuses on the practical aspects of making credible fertiliser recommendations based on results of soil and plant testing and desired enterprise outcomes from the farmer. It also provides participants with an understanding of soil physical, chemical and biological properties in relation to plant growth and production. This understanding is integrated with soil, tissue and water analysis to provide an effective, profitable and environmentally sustainable nutrient program to clients.

The Agronomy in Practice course serves as both an accreditation process for access to Nutrient Advantage Advice or simply as a training tool for new and old agronomists alike who wish to up skill in soil and plant nutrition with experts in this field.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Complete interpretation of soil and tissue analysis results for industry scenarios relevant to their business.
  • Have understanding of soil chemical, physical and biological properties in relation to developing a fertiliser program
  • Be able to describe testing procedures for soil and tissue macro and micro nutrients in relation to developing a fertiliser program
  • Be able to recognise salinity, acidity/alkalinity and sodicity problems, and provide remedial solutions.
  • Manage samples through the Nutrient Advantage Advice (NAA) software – log samples, interpret results, generate a nutrient program and provide a printed report to clients.
Sampling Procedures

Sampling guides to assist obtain accurate samples. Read more


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