Mobile Sampling

Conduct tests and obtain results without leaving the paddock... (Northern NSW and Southern QLD only)

The problem

A number of factors can inhibit the ability of Agronomists and field experts to conduct regular soil sampling.

  • Limited time and availability for your agronomy and sales staff. 
  • Significant labour and time commitments required. 
  • Ongoing equipment repairs and maintenance. 
  • Time commitment for sample collection and freight forwarding. 
  • Increased demand for sample collection following rain events, just when other parts of your business are experiencing high demand.

The solution

Nutrient Advantage Mobile Sampling (NAMS)

Why not utilise the new Mobile Sampling service from offered by Nutrient Advantage® Laboratory Services*, to conduct the following testing services? 

  • Soil
  • Plant Tissue
  • Grain
  • Water
  • Manure and Composted Materials

Knowledge and Productivity

Your business and your agronomists: 

  • Will have more productive time to provide timely advice to your customers, comfortable in the knowledge that meanwhile, their sample collection is occurring to BMP standards. 
  • Receive and retain all of their results from the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory (just as if they had collected the samples themselves). 
  • Interpret and deliver their results and recommendations to your customer, grower and end-users (just as if they had collected the samples themselves)

How to utilise the service

  • Contact Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services
    Phone: 1800 803 453 
  • Supply NA Customer Service with the essential details such as your location and the type of sampling required.
  • You will then be contacted by our Service Provider to confirm availability, date, and transactional arrangements**
  • Sample collection and optional freight forwarding to the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory will be performed by our Service Provider, who will invoice you directly for that service**
  • As samples are received, you will be notified by the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory, requested analyses will be performed and invoiced to your account by the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory
  • Results will be sent directly to you or your nominated NAA Accredited Adviser.

Please note that this service is only available to customers in Northern NSW and Southern QLD - Contact Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services to determine your eligibility.

* This service is only available to customers in Northern NSW or Southern QLD. Contact Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services to determine your eligibility **Any fees applicable for sampling services are set by the Sampling Provider, not by Nutrient Advantage Mobile Sampling, and all terms are mutually agreed prior to sampling by you and that Service Provider, and any fees or charges are payable to them directly by the customer.