What is NAA?

Nutrient Advantage Advice (NAA) is purpose built decision support software designed to assist with the interpretation of soil, plant & tissue sample results and development of nutrient recommendations.

We take the hassle out of calculating the optimum nutrient requirements for your crops.  Nutrient Advantage Advice was launched in May 2007 and currently has over 1000 registered users, the NAA system is also Fertcare accredited.

Nutrient Advantage Advice map 

Nutrient Advantage Advice is a dynamic and dependable, quality assured decision support system.There are a number of advantages to the Nutrient Advantage Advice system:

Easy and intuitive to use

  • NAA delivers results and recommendations, based on an extensive library of independent agronomy ‘rules logic’ and agronomy expertise from an experienced team Advisors have direct access to all their sample results, nutrient recommendations and report printing from their own computers
  • As the software communicates directly with the Nutrient Advantage laboratory, users can access all their results electronically 
  • Allows ‘time efficient’ nutrient recommendations to be generated – potentially within minutes 
  • Because ‘rules logic’ is used, with a few simple key strokes advisors are able to run entirely new recommendations within crop segments. 

Provides specialist agronomic advice

  • Developed and supported locally by specialists in interpreting soil test results 
  • Has the flexibility to take into consideration individual growers farming practices, paddock history and local knowledge considerations 
  • Tailoring a nutrient solution to best meet individual needs of your customers 
  • Optimise your customer’s investment on fertiliser – as they apply only the nutrients the crop needs based on the analytes and targeted yield.

Incorporates Best Management Practices

  • Encompasses rules and logic based on nutrient insights and information specific to each agricultural industry and agronomy region throughout the main production areas 
  • Provides high levels of excellence in information to advisors to aid fertiliser input management decisions.