Nutrient Advantage Pro

Nutrient Advantage Pro is our online sample submission and recommendation reporting system. It is available to all customers with a Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services account.

Labstream 2

NA Pro uses the test results from our laboratory to develop fertiliser recommendations that take into account local conditions and farm management practices.

NA Pro is a paperless system that operates through a browser and can be used on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. NA Pro can be used anywhere with internet service. You can also share data between agronomists working for the same business.

As an NA Pro user, you can access our new mobile sampling app - LabSTREAM by downloading it from the 'Help" menu in NA Pro

LabSTREAM is integrated with NA Pro, so analysis results return in NA Pro ready for interpretation, recommendation and reporting. If you are in an area with no mobile coverage, LabSTREAM will work offline. It will store logged samples ready for synchronisation when you are back in range again. 

Find out more about LabSTREAM here


The new LabSTREAM app allows agronomists to log soil and tissue samples from mobile devices in the paddock, shown here by Nigel Bodinnar from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.