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Granulock® SS is the latest sulphur-rich addition to the respected Granulock family.

For sulphur-depleted soils, and crops and pastures with high sulphur demand, Granulock SS provides the quality and precise nutrition you count on from Granulock – plus the extra S you need to avoid deficiencies that can stunt plant growth.

Ideal for

Compound Fertiliser

Each nutrient is distributed evenly in each granule. So every plant gets exactly what it needs.

High sulphur
The two distinct forms of sulphur in Granulock SS give plants both an extra early boost – and sustained delivery throughout the growing season.

    • Quick acting
    • Water soluble and mobile
    • Available immediately
    • Oxidises into sulphate form throughout growing season
    • Resistant to leaching

Right balance of nutrients
Granulock SS not only provides extra sulphur to the plant, but also the higher ratio of sulphur to phosphorus and nitrogen needed to fuel P and N response.

Blending flexibility
Granulock SS can also be blended to create the exact nutrient ratios your own soil test results call for.

Where to use Granulock SS
Granulock SS is ideally suited for:
  • Canola, pulses and legume-based pastures with high sulphur demand
  • Crops grown on light sandy or granite-based soils prone to leaching
  • Soils depleted of sulphur by heavy rainfall, flooding or high crop yields
  • Starter fertiliser, applied while sowing
  • Top dressing established pastures early in season

How to apply Granulock SS

  • As a starter fertiliser, applied while sowing
  • Top dressing established pastures early in season
  • With any typical farm equipment - airseeder, combine or spreader

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