• Take a tour

    Join Charlie Walker (Head of Agronomy Solutions) as he takes you on a tour of the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory in Werribee.

  • DGT - P now available

    Nutrient Advantage has added DGT - P to its range of analyses. DGT-P is different to standard measures of soil phosphorus as it reflects the capacity of the soil to supply P in the soil rather than to the concentration of phosphorus in an extract. The DGT-P method aims to “mimic” the action of plant roots by only measuring the phosphorus in the soil that is accessible to the plant.

  • Plant Tissue Tests

    We have expanded our Plant Tissue Test range, giving you greater flexibility to choose a plant test that better meets your needs. The new test offer better meets requirements across multiple segments including cropping, cotton, pasture and horticulture. With quick turnarounds and ASPAC certification, you can trust us with your plant test needs.

  • Fertcare

    Fertcare is a training, quality assurance, certification and accreditation program delivered by independent third parties on behalf of the fertiliser industry. The program scope includes environment, food safety and occupational health and safety issues associated with fertiliser and soil ameliorant products throughout the supply chain.

  • Soil Testing for Sugarcane

    Soil testing is an accurate way to identify available soil nutrients that contribute to sugarcane’s nutritional requirements. To determine a soil’s fertility status and a crop’s fertiliser requirements, there are three key aspects to successful soil testing. These are sampling, analysis and interpretation.

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