What is LabSTREAM? 

The LabSTREAM app is now available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. LabSTREAM will give you a quick and simple, paper free way to log your soil or plant tissue samples in the paddock. You can also easily geo-locate each sample or add notes for yourself or to the NA Laboratory.  

LabSTREAM is integrated with NA Pro, so analysis results return in NA Pro ready for interpretation, recommendation and reporting. If you are in an area with no mobile coverage, LabSTREAM will work offline. It will store logged samples ready for synchronisation when you are back in range again.  

On the way back to the office, you can drop the sample at the courier or post office. (It is always a good idea to write your name and address on the sender section of the post or courier bag, just in case!) 

LabSTREAM is easy to use: 

1. Set up preferences to speed up sample logging 
2. Create new growers and paddocks on the fly 
3. Select the appropriate EASY Rec for specific crops and enterprises 
4. Add additional tests to existing test codes  
5. Scan the sample barcode   
6. Collect multiple GPS points per sample 
7. Sample checklist before submitting 

WATCH Jim Laycock demonstrate how quick and easy it is to log soil and tissue samples with Nutrient Advantage laboratories through the LabSTREAM app.  

LabSTREAM Jim Laycock video  

How to download

LabSTREAM is now available to all NA Pro users. 

If you are an NA Pro user you can download the app from the Help menu in NA Pro. Downloading the app is simple. Just log into NA Pro and navigate to the Help menu. In the Help menu you will find an Installation Guide and in the guide is the QR Code you will need to scan to download the app. Once installed, logging into LabSTREAM is simple, just use the same User ID and Password as for NA Pro.

To get help

If you need any help, there is also a Quick Reference Guide in the Help menu of NA Pro. You can also contact your local IPF Technical Agronomist or our wonderful Customer Support team on 1800 803 453 or at

LabSTREAM James Stewart