Agronomy In Practice

Professional training for fertiliser advisers


Agronomy in Practice conducted by James Stewart – Training and Development Manager

Agronomy in Practice is designed to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of advisers in the fertiliser industry.

The comprehensive course is presented by Incitec Pivot’s experienced agronomy team, using an interactive and engaging program with hands-on activities and assessments at every step of the way.

Agronomy in Practice is the ultimate course in best practice soil, plant tissue and water sampling, testing, interpreting analysis results and making fertiliser recommendations.

Participants will leave the course skilled in developing effective nutrient programs for their clients, and with the highest level of industry recognition.

Successful completion of Agronomy in Practice is rewarded by:

· Full access to Nutrient Advantage software and tools

· Fertcare Level C accreditation, and

· Recognition as a Fertcare Accredited Advisor.


Key areas of learning

· Understanding soil chemical, physical and biological properties

· Recognising salinity, acidity, alkalinity and sodicity problems and providing solutions

· A focus on each macro and micro nutrient

· Soil, plant tissue and water sampling techniques

· Interpreting soil and plant tissue analysis results

· Developing nutrient programs based on the principles of 5Rs (Right Product, Rate, Time, Place, Agronomy)

· Fertiliser logistics and regulations

· Environmental, food safety and other stewardship issues

· Managing samples through the Nutrient Advantage laboratory

· Best use of the current Nutrient Advantage software for generating effective nutrient programs and creating reports


Commitments required

Agronomy in Practice including Fertcare C is offered as a three-day workshop for $1485 (ex. GST).

Prior to the workshop, participants are provided with materials to support their pre-workshop activities.

Participants need to complete an online questionnaire and collect and submit a soil sample to the Nutrient Advantage laboratory at Werribee. It is a requirement that both these activities be completed before the workshop.

Participants are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day and all training materials. Where required, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals are the responsibility of the participants.


While formal qualifications are not a requirement to attend Agronomy in Practice, it is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of their district farming practices and industry dynamics.

Incitec Pivot offers Agronomy in Practice training courses each year across the eastern states of Australia.

To find out about upcoming courses in your area and availability, contact,

call Marcia Pearson on 0438 671 766 or visit